Istilah-Istilah SPAN

  1. Chart of Account (CoA)
  2. Cross Validation Rules (CVR)
  3. Commitment Approval Number (CAN)
  4. Fund Availability (FA)
  5. Management of Spending Authority (MoSA)
  6. Budget Commitment (BC)
  7. Payment Management (PM)
  8. Government Receipt (GR)
  9. Cash Management (CM)
  10. General Ledger/Reporting (GL/Reporting)
  11. Spending Unit (SU) : Satuan Kerja (Satker)
  12. Operating Unit (OU) : KPPN
  13. Invoice : SPP/SPM
  14. Encumbrance
  15. Payment Term
  16. Spesific Commitment
  17. Continuing Commitment
  18. Supplier Header
  19. Supplier Site
  20. Nomor Registrasi Suplier (NRS)
  21. Nomor Registrasi Kontrak (NRK)
  22. Swift Code
  23. Iban
  24. Prepayment : uang muka kontrak

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