Sentence Completion


Topic : Sentence Completion

Sentence completion is part of Structure and Written Expression in TOEFL exam. The other part of Structure and Written Expression is error recognition. Sentence completion can be divided into two types : part of sentence and part of speech.

Part of Sentence : subject, predicate, object, adverb, and complement. (more details here)

  • Subject can be : noun, pronoun (I, she, he, they, we, it), noun phrase (combination of two or more nouns), clause.
  • Predicate can be : verb or be (is/am/are, was/were).
  • Object almost similar to subject, except pronoun (me, her, him, them, us, it).
  • Adverb can be divided into adverb of place (in, at, etc.), adverb of time, adverb of manner (ex: by bus), adverb of frequency (once, twice, etc.), and adverb of purpose.
  • Complement can be divided into subject complement (modifies/describes subject) and object complement (modifies/describes object).

Part of speech : verb, noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection. (more details here)

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